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Tulu Textiles

Turkish textiles with an American touch…

Tulu Tekstil

Elizabeth Hewitt, the owner of Tulu, is an American textile designer who can enlist many important names among her clients including Oscar de la Renta. Being a collector of antique textiles, Ms. Hewitt’s designs are celebrated like a breath of fresh air into traditional Turkish patterns. Her designs leverage hundred-year-old motifs and patterns and at the same time they are stylish and pleasing for the Western eye.

In this four-story building you can find anything from napkins to bed linen and throws and from pillows to furniture, all designed by Ms. Hewitt and hand made with care and love using high quality materials.

Make sure to stop by Tulu and say hello to Ms. Hewitt. You may end up getting out with some beautiful textiles and lovely advice for local food and shops in addition to the merchandise.

We like: Beautifully designed bed linens and throws.

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