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Pied de Poule

Vintage at its best…

Pied de Poule

Pied de Poule is located in Çukurcuma, one of the most charming neighborhoods of Istanbul. This cute area is also known for its antique shops and attracts many people, especially during the weekend. Pied de Poule specializes on vintage items and has an impressive collection dating back to 1920s. Şelale Gültekin, the owner, will tell you that she is a collector by heart who turned her passion into a profession in this fascinating little shop. She also provides costumes for movies and television productions.

If you like vintage and want to be inspired by all things worn make sure to make a stop at Pied de Poule. Ms. Gültekin has an impressive hat collection that is worth checking out. Pied de Poule is located on a side street not far from the İstiklal and is certainly worth a visit.

Opens at noon and closes at 6:30pm.

We like: The hat collection.

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