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PasabahceGlass = art at Paşabahçe…

Many people don’t know this but Turkey has a very long tradition in glass making. Today, Paşabahçe, a large company focusing on glassware, carries that tradition forward with a wide range of products, starting with everyday items to unique pieces of art made of glass.

Depending on your budget you should be able to find something to buy here. The large variety of tea glasses makes wonderful gifts. If you want to spend more, one example of traditional Turkish glassware style that we would recommend is Çeşm-i Bülbül (check out the picture). Çeşm-i Bülbül was first created after Sultan Selim III sent a local glass master to Venice to acquire new production techniques. If you want to take home a unique piece that cannot be machine made; splurge on one.

We like: Çeşm-i Bülbül.

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