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Mehmet Usta’s Gramophone Shop

How many people can claim that they sell hand-made gramophones for a living?

Mehmet Usta's Gramophone Shop

Welcome to Mehmet Öztekin’s little shop of gramophones located in the Grand Bazaar where this passionate man has spent almost a lifetime building, fixing, and selling gramophones to music lovers and collectors from around the world.

Mr. Öztekin is not only a shopkeeper but is a philosopher in his own right. Talk to him about gramophones and music and you will quickly realize that he has a lot to say about the essence of music, passion, analog and harmony. Unlike others who only follow the trends and ditched the older devices, Mr. Öztekin stuck with these marvelous creations and found a way to turn his passion into a long lasting profession.

You will not only find gramophones in this little shop but also get to listen to some extremely hard to find records. Go there and have a conversation even if you are not in the market for a gramophone.

We like: Hafız Burhan recordings.

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  1. Marco Peña - April 29, 2015 9:54 pm

    Quiero expresar todo mi reconocimiento y admiración por el Sr. Oztekin, Que hermoso trabajo, lo aprecio tanto por que también amo los gramófonos. A seguir adelante.


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