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Turkish carpet version 2.0…


If the traditional carpets and kilims are not your thing but you still want to explore whether there is a carpet for your trendy home, you may be at home at Dhoku in the Grand Bazaar.

Memet Güreli, a third generation carpet dealer who decided to move his company from traditional toward contemporary and trendy, started Dhoku in 1989. He also started working with famous designers that help him translate authentic patterns into trendy pieces of art.

All this efforts paid off. Today, Dhoku blends ethnic and antique patterns into one-of-a-kind pieces that are sold to select boutiques throughout the world. Many famous fashion or entertainment icons including Martha Stewart, Kim Basinger and Ralph Lauren own rugs created by Dhoku. Go to Dhoku and check it out for yourself.

We like: Anachron line is our favorite.


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