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Happiest local brand…


Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher, believed that the purpose of philosophy was to attain aponia, or the absence of pain. Many people followed Epicurus because of his thoughts. He keeps inspiring others even today. When Fatih Dağlı was looking for a name for his design store, he remembered Epicurus’ philosophy and decided to name his store Aponia. Aponia is a design shop in the Hazzo Pulo Passage and claims to be the “Happiest Local Brand of Istanbul”. We agree…

Owned and managed by Mr. Dağlı, who is also a tourist guide and a traveler himself, Aponia recently became quite famous with a range of beautifully designed Istanbul T-shirts. So go there, and check out their designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts and many other accessories.

Opens at 11am and closes at 9pm.

We like: The excellent designs on Aponia t-shirts. Don’t miss the label which reads “from Aponia with Love”. Spread the love.

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