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The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque)

Magnificence of the Ottoman architecture…

Blue Mosque Istanbul

Known as the Blue Mosque in the Western World, Sultan Ahmet Mosque was built to rival Hagia Sophia by Sedefkar Mehmet Aga one of the students of Sinan, the Great Architect. Because of its 6 minarets it was considered rivaling Mescid-i Haram in Mekka, a holy mosque for Muslims, so the Sultan ordered a 7th minaret to be added to resolve a crisis.

Sultan Ahmet who commissioned the Blue Mosque was so eager for its construction that he sometimes participated in the construction himself. The axe he used is stored at the Topkapi Palace Museum today. All the interior walls are covered with blue Iznik tiles, which is the reason for why this mosque is known as the Blue Mosque in the West.

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We like: Listening to the prayers inside the mosque.

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