Sounds of Urban Life | SoUL is in Istanbul. To experience SoUL, all you need is our app, a headset, comfortable shoes and a curious mind. Enjoy Istanbul!


1. Copyright & Intellectual Property


Our brand (which includes our trademarks like the Sounds of Urban Life name and logo, and International Film Factory name and logo) is an important asset. We need to make sure others don’t use our brand without permission to protect our legal rights and ensure you’re not misled or confused by others using our name.


We invest a lot of effort, time, money and individual creativity in our products and content and that hard work’s protected by copyright.

So permission is needed before reproducing any of our content.

There are times when permission to use content is not needed (for instance, fair dealing for the purposes of criticism or review, or if you’re just quoting a snippet). And obviously we don’t own the kind of information that anyone can dig up (like opening hours or address). But we most certainly do own the choice of words we’ve used, our maps and images, and the way we compile information or data. If you’re interested in licensing our content, contact us here.


We invest a lot in our products, and the impact of piracy does flow on to our staff, quality of production, prices and ultimately the experience that we’re developing for travelers. If you have seen any part of our content on other sites, or unauthorized use of our content in another application unrelated to us please let us know here. Copying intellectual property is a crime. Buy the real thing.

2. Privacy Policy

3. User Agreement