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Topkapi Palace Cinematic Walk

Sounds of Urban Life Cinematic Walk in Topkapi Palace


Meet Elmas, a concubine in the Topkapi Palace’s infamous Imperial Harem. Like many other concubines, Elmas is brought to the palace as a slave. Adapting to life in the Harem has never been easy, but for Elmas there appears to be a bigger complication: she falls in love with a eunuch responsible to guard the concubines. Theirs is an impossible love that may put lives at jeopardy if it’s not kept quiet. Our CINEMATIC WALK in the palace takes the listeners to a fascinating journey through the gardens and pavilions of the Imperial Palace and the Harem and unearths secrets about the lives of inhabitants of the Palace.



Total Runtime for our fascinating Topkapi Palace Cinematic Walk is 64 minutes from start to finish. However, if you add the time to purchase the entry tickets to the Palace and the Harem, you should expect to spend 90 minutes from start to finish.
The starting point for the walk is the Fountain of Ahmed, III which is just outside the Main Gate of Topkapi Palace. When you get there, just hit play and enjoy the walk.
This walk will take you through the Topkapi Palace into the Harem. Best times to do it would be anytime when the museum is open. Make sure to start at least 90minutes prior to the closing so that you can finish it on time. For more information on Topkapi Palace, please click here.

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