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Taksim Cinematic Walk

Sounds of Urban Life Cinematic Walk in Taksim


Taksim means color, action and chaos. This neighborhood is unique in that Taksim it is typically the first neighborhood other than Sultanahmet that anyone new to the city will want to try to come to. So, you can run into every type of people here. And that’s great for Yakut, your local guide to Taksim, who is a film maker. Yakut gets his ideas, stories, inspiration and creative energy from this neighborhood. And rightly so. Yakut spends most of his days when he’s not filming in the area, so you could call him an insider as he’s been to every hidden corner here many times. Walk with him and enjoy his perspective into this interesting part of the city.



Total Runtime for the Taksim Cinematic Walk is 55 minutes from start to finish.
The starting point for the walk is at the Monument of the Republic in the middle of Taksim Square.
Recommended time for the Taksim Cinematic Walk is every day from 10am to sunset. For more information on the Taksim Neighborhood, please click here.

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