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Planning a trip to Istanbul is exciting but isn’t it much more fun if you could get a feel for what locals are like and what they would recommend before you get there? Some of you may know a number of locals but chances are most don’t. That’s exactly why we decided to go out and conduct a few interviews with people that you may run into while you’re in town. We asked them questions about themselves, their businesses, and their city. And of course we also asked them for a few suggestions for visitors.

All of the locals interviewed here are people who have a meaningful connection with the city they call home. They were gracious with their time and insights and we hope you find them helpful. Without further do… Meet the Locals!

Interviews with a select group of Istanbulites 

Lale PlakLilipudKontraplakAponiaEthniconCocoonTulu TekstilHotel NomadeMis MisSubasi Lokantasi