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Galata Cinematic Walk



Galata neighborhood in Istanbul has represented the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual face of the city. This quaint neighborhood is full of churches, synagogues, and mosques as well as embassies and foreign schools. Over the history, anyone who calls herself a foreigner settled in this part of the city.  So did the ancestors of Oktay. Oktay, known as Ottoviano among his family and friends, comes from an Italian family that settled in the Galata neighborhood about 800 years ago. While Oktay’s day job is trading antique books, his passion is discovering the secrets and stories of his beloved part of his city. Walk with Oktay and let him introduce you to his favorite neighborhood of his city.



Total Runtime for the Galata Cinematic Walk is 66 minutes from start to finish.
The starting point for the walk is outside of the Swedish Consultate on Istiklal Street.
Recommended time for the Galata Cinematic Walk is from every day from 10am to sunset. For more information on the Galata Neighborhood, please click here.

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