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An insider’s look to Istanbul…

We love the authentic places, beautiful sites, and the delicious food that Istanbul offers. And we certainly adore the history and the cultural mosaic one finds here. As you’ll read our pages and download our app, you’ll get to learn that we celebrate and covet all the things that make Istanbul one of the most trendy cities in the world. And that’s exactly what we cover on this website. We are insiders, we love our city and we hope that you get the most out of your trip using the information we created for you.

So, read on and download our Istanbul Guide which includes a free guide, custom neighborhood maps, most of the information on this website with a recommended shortlist of places to visit, dine, chill, party and of course, do some shopping.

The SoUL Team

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Istanbul is a giant city but fortunately most of the places that a visitor would be interested to see are concentrated in a few districts and neighborhoods. Hence we have chosen to cover the most interesting, authentic and historic neighborhoods where you will end up spending most of your time. As easy as 1.2.3. Download the app and follow the guide and you’ll see most of what Istanbul has to offer…

1_Topkapi Palace2_Sultanahmet3_Bazaar District


Good to know…

Population: ~14 million

Currency: TL

Timezone: GMT +2

Metro ride: 1.75 TL (€0.8+ or US$1)

Beer: 6-10+ TL (€2-4+ or US$3-6+)

Street food: Less than 10 TL (€4 or US$6)