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Zübeyir Ocakbaşı

It’s all about the meat here…


Zübeyir Ocakbaşı is chosen as the best kebab house in the city and rightly so. Let us just say that it’s a carnivore’s paradise and make sure to try it out if you’re in this neighborhood.

Ocakbaşı means “at the Grill” and a good one needs a good grill master who buys the best meat, decides whether or not and how to prepare the meat and then knows how to keep the juices in the meat while grilling. Zübeyir, the owner, is one true master and you’ll be happy you stopped at his venue.

Take a seat at the grill and try anything you like because it’s all going to be good. We recommend the Tarak, a special lamb delicacy that is simply delicious. Thank the grill master before you leave if you liked your meal; that’s exactly what Ralph Fiennes, the star of Schindler’s List, did after a meal here in 2011.

Open for lunch and dinner. Reservation recommended for weekends.

We like: Tarak (house special lamb kebab), beyti kebab (another lamb dish), patlıcan (aubergine).

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