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A tradesman’s favorite…


Sefa is one of the best “esnaf lokantasi”, Turkish for shopkeepers’ restaurant, meaning that it primarily serves lunch to shopkeepers that mostly work in vicinity. One thing to know about a typical esnaf lokantasi is that it’s not about the ambiance but much about the food.

In this simple and neatly kept restaurant one can find almost all traditional Turkish dishes at very reasonable prices. Most everything is delicious so just go to the back of the restaurant when you first enter and pick what you like. If you prefer to order from a menu, Sefa has English menus, so just ask for one. Once you’re done ordering, simply sit at a table of your choice. Just be aware that if you are on your own the waiters may sit other people at your table as long as there are seats available.

Open for lunch only.

We like: Günün balığı (fish of the day), vegetable dishes, incir tatlısı (fig desert).

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