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The artist’s tavern since 1954…


Refik is one of Istanbul’s most famous meyhanes (tavern). Istanbul’s intelligentsia has been frequenting this very special locale for years. Who hasn’t eaten here? Just check out the pictures on the wall and you’ll get a sense of how well visited this restaurant is.

Today, people come here for three reasons: rakı, meze and muhabbet, which is Turkish for drinks, appetizers and good conversation. We, at SoUL, frequent Refik often and order a bottle of rakı with melon and feta cheese as starters. Then we surround the table with lots of mezes.

You can’t go wrong with either lakerda (pickled bonito) or kalamar (calamari) but try to sample as much as you can because you’ll probably not even order any fish after all the appetizers. Refik fills up pretty fast, so you may need to reserve a table here.

Open for lunch and dinner.

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