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Krepen’deki Imroz

Carrying on the ‘meyhane’ tradition… 


Imroz is a legendary meyhane (tavern) at Nevizade owned by Yorgo Okumuş, a Greek from the Imroz Island and his partner Mustafa Yıldırım. Opened in the ‘40s at the now demolished Krepen Arcade, the restaurant moved to its current location in the ‘80s and adopted the name ‘Krependeki Imroz’ which literally means Imroz at Krepen.

Imroz sticks to the traditional recipes and serves one of the best dishes made with olive oil. And because of that, many famous artists frequent this restaurant. Be warned, that unlike other venues at Nevizade, there is no music or singing at Imroz. If you want to eat at Nevizade but don’t like the hassle on this street, go to Imroz and ask to be seated on the deck upstairs, which is open in the summer.

Opens at 12pm.

We like: Lakerda (pickled bonito), zeytinyağlılar (appetizers made with olive oil).

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