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A culinary haven for both the carnivore and the vegetarian…


Istanbul may be the kebab capital of the world, but even so being a vegetarian in this city is a not a big deal. Think of all the meatless mezes (appetizers) and vegetarian delicacies that you can sample pretty much anywhere in town and that quite cheaply too.

But if you want to go to a place that has a vision for serving a nice selection of veggies you’ll be happy at Klemuri. This venue caters mainly to vegans and vegetarians. But be aware that they have a number of dishes with meat as well. The menu does a good job indicating the vegan and vegetarian options so just look for the symbols and you’ll be safe.

Try the daily menu with soup, a main dish and desert for about 10TL (less than $6).

Open for lunch and dinner.

We like: Stuffed aubergine (zeytinyağlı patlıcan dolması) and humus (hummus).

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