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Filibe Köftecisi

It is both the thyme and the time that makes a tasty köfte

Filibe Koftecisi

Filibe was opened almost 120 years ago and is still among the best köfte (meat ball) joints in town. This is another no-frill restaurant where the focus is solely on making customers happy.

One of Filibe’s best-kept secrets is that it never changes its meat supplier, how they prep the meat and the amount of thyme that goes in the meat. By the way, Filibe claims that the only spice they add to the meat is thyme so spend your money in the Spice Market on something else other than the köfte spice mix. Another ingredient of its success is that everyone who works at this venue has spent a lifetime here. So you can only imagine how many years it took Ziver Usta, the current grill master, to get trained by his own masters before he even got a chance to flip one köfte.

If you are among those that appreciate a simple menu, make a stop at Filibe at lunch and get treated with some köfte and piyaz (bean salad). Add some chili on your köfte if you like yours spicy and definitely spare some room for the revani, the house special sponge cake. By the way, make sure to get there before 2pm as they typically run out of food around that time.

Open for lunch only.

We like: Köfte, piyaz, revani.


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