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Dönerci Şahin Usta

This place will train your taste buds

Donerci Sahin Usta

No visitor should leave town without trying Şahin’s döner wrap! It is the best döner in Istanbul. Period. Believe us if we tell you that many go out of their way to get their daily fix.

Don’t expect anything but döner, though. As a matter of fact, Şahin Usta is a hole-in-the-wall on Kılıççılar Street which leads to the Grand Bazaar. And when we say hole-in-the-wall, we mean it. The place is so easy to miss so watch it. For those of you who pay attention, you will recognize a short line full of hungry addicts eagerly waiting for their turn around a tiny window. Just get in line and make up your mind while you’re waiting. You don’t have much of a choice anyway; it’s either döner pide (döner served in a wrap) or döner ekmek-arası (döner served in bread).

Şahin adds some tuz (salt), domates (tomato), and soğan (onion). If you don’t like any of it just say ‘sade’ which means plain in Turkish. As there are no seats here, find yourself a comfy corner and enjoy your döner. Make sure you’ll get there before 2pm as they typically run out of döner after 2 or so.

We’re sure you’ll come back for more. Open for lunch only.

We like: Döner pide (döner in a wrap).

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