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Sultanahmet Avlu Şerbet Evi

Great selection of Ottoman sherbets and water pipe…


There are three things that make this venue special: sherbet, water pipe and the location. Sherbet, an Ottoman drink that was once popular, got forgotten after imported soft drinks overwhelmed the market. Today, it’s mostly consumed during the Holy month of Ramadan. At the Sultanahmet Avlu Şerbet Evi, however, you’ll find a large selection of sherbet to sample pretty much any day of the year. We recommend cranberry, quince or wild strawberry among others.

The second specialty of this venue is water pipe. They have an unusual selection of tastes. And add to it the amazing setting next to the Sultanahmet, which makes this locale one not to miss while in the city. Located at the entrance to the Arasta Bazaar, this café has a great location and should not be missed.

 We like: Ayva şerbeti (quince sherbet), lokumlu nargile (water pipe with Turkish delight).

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