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Ara Café

Coolest café on Istiklal…

Ara Cafe

If you know anything about Turkish photography, you might have heard about Ara Güler. Mr. Güler is a photography icon, not only in Turkey but also in the world. Now you wonder what he has to do with this café, right? Not so much other than that he happens to own the building and the owner happens to like Mr. Güler’s art. Hence, the walls are adorned with large prints of Mr. Güler’s artful photographs and the café is dedicated to him.

Ara Café is famous among the Turkish intellectuals, students, and actors. It gets very crowded during the weekend, but it’s possible to find a seat during a weekday.

It’s also possible to run into Mr. Güler at the café as he happens to live in this building and spends a lot of time here. Try the local soda drink called Uludağ, which tastes better than Sprite in our opinion.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We like: Uludağ gazozu (local Sprite), köfte (meatballs), keçi peynirli salata (salad with goat cheese).

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