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Life in Istanbul

 A Ferry Ride between Continents


Istanbul is a huge and complex city. And between you and me; life in Istanbul can be challenging. Long distances to travel daily along with the crowd and traffic makes your life really hard. One saying around here – I believe it with all my heart – is “The best thing to be in Istanbul is a tourist!”

But on the other hand there are  lots of benefits in living in a metropolis. When you have time, the opportunities in this city are endless: every kind of entertainment, culture, history, all sorts of cuisines etc. For people like me, who takes great pleasure from just riding the ferry, Istanbul is the place to be!

Do not underestimate what a ferry ride can do for you in Istanbul. Although they’re short – a typical ride across Bosphorus is about 20 minutes – they can re-energize you. When I’m realy exhausted or bored, I get a break from work, go to the Kadıköy Pier and take a ride to Europe and back.


First thing before getting on the ferry is to buy a few simits (that bagel like pastry that you can find in every corner around the city). And this is not the time to save so buy at least a few. One for yourself and the others for the seagulls. Feeeding the seagulls on the ferry is a favourite passtime in Istanbul. Now that, really makes me smile. Feeding the seagulls are real fun. These birds are passionate and smart. Believe me, you can see it in their eyes. They remind me of why I came here and why I love Istanbul so much!

After feeding the seagulls I order tea, smell the sea and watch the beautiful Maiden Tower, Bosphorus Bridge, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. If it is early in the morning or late afternoon, shooting photos is another of my favourite activities on the ferry ride. So, how about you? What is your favourite thing to do in Istanbul?

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