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A wonderful day in Istanbul

Cinematic Walk Helps Make a Memorable Day in Istanbul


This weekend my father came to Istanbul from Ankara to visit me. On Saturday we visited a few relatives living in the city. Then it was time to go to his favourite place! A great fish restaurant on Bosphorus. We wanted the usual; rakı and meze. We talked for hours, drank rakı and had delicious fish. Then he asked me,

“What should we do on Sunday?”

I smiled and told him that

“Tomorrow we must try one of the Soul Istanbul cinematic walks!”


He wanted to go see the Topkapı Palace; so Sunday morning after breakfast we took off. The last time we went there together was about 30 years ago. He told me that he didn’t remember much about the palace and wanted to see it from our perspective using the cinematic walk we developed.

I live on the Asian side of Istanbul so we went to Kadıköy and jumped to a ferry to Eminönü. We sat outside and had tea while watching the scenery.

Then we took the tram to Sultanahmet, which was a blessing as it has AC and Sunday was a very hot day. It was almost 10:30 a.m. when we arrived at the Fountain of Ahmed 3, which is the starting point for the walk. I had my phone and my father had his iPad. We both hit the button at the same time and we started the walk which took about one hour. According to my father; that was the best 64 minutes he had spent in a museum, ever! 🙂


After the walk it was time to eat so we went to Pandeli. While we ate we talked for hours about the cinematic walk and about the life in the palace. To tell the truth it had been years since we’ve had this much fun together. This experience really created a new bond between us.

Take your friends, companions or family members with you and do the cinematic walk together. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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